New Server Calendar System for 26. Apr Titan Life Server


6 Yıllık Üye
5 Yıllık Üye
4 Yıllık Üye
3 Yıllık Üye
2 Yıllık Üye
1 Yıllık Üye
10 Haz 2017
First Day

+8 Upgrade activated
+3 Jewelry upgrade activated.
Daily Quest Event
Cz Kill Quest
Achievement System
Spell Stone Powder System.

The Second Day

Rabbit event

The Thirth Day

Until Death Event (Tuesday and Friday 21:00 Turkish)
Every 3 days ladder point resetting and the leaders of the class get 1000kc.

Fourth Day

Logos Event

Fifth Day

Solo Deathmatch (Random, GM decides)

Sixth Day

Clan Deathmatch

Seventh Day

First war ! after all wednesday, friday and saturday will be war
First UTC ! and after ; everyday 14:00-02:00 (turkish gmt)

Eighty Day

Ardream War (Random GM Decides which hour)

Ninth Day

OLD CZ (Random GM Decides which hour)

Tenth Day

Legend Zone Event (Boss Area drops PUS Items, Enter : 1GB)

Eleventh Day

Base War [Random hour]

Thirteenth Day

First King Election (Every 15 days)

Fourteenth Day

Until the fourteenth day, one day per week Bifrost Event
After the fourteenth day, three day per week 14:00, 21:00 Turkish GMT

Fifteenth day

Juraid Mountain (Everyday 03:00, 15:00 Turkish GMT)

Eighteenth day

Character Rebirth System 10 Level

Twenty-first day

Until the twenty-first day, one day per week Zindan Event. (23:00 TR GMT)
After the twenty-first day, three day per week 23:00 Turkish GMT


8VS8 : 8vs8 first will be done
36vs36: after 36vs36
2VS2: then after 2vs2
1VS1: the last will be done.

Item Rental : to be activated

Starter Item Gifts : to be activated.

it will be updated