26 April New Server Specifications F.A.Q


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5 Yıllık Üye
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10 Haz 2017
--[NEW] Priest characters if wears a right-handed item, it will be never gain a attack power
--[NEW] New damage system, same as usko
--[NEW] Random damage has been activated
--[NEW] Anti-Def items is more effective than old server
--[NEW] DD 25 items has been removed. dd10 items added to chaos stone monsters
--[NEW] If you stay 5 min afk in events, you will kicked out.
--[NEW] You can see the players items in right-click menu and u can offer a duel
--[NEW] PM Bug has been fixed (details will be added)
--[NEW] You can't do daily quests with your second character (in same ID)
--[NEW] Snowball War Event
--[NEW] NEW WAR ( Kısla Savasi)
--[NEW] Red Chitins
--[NEW] Save The Monument Event
--[NEW] Logos Event
--[NEW] Collection Race Bar CR
--[NEW CR %100 Achievement System
--[NEW] New CR's New Quests
--[NEW] Tournament winner clan will have profit from PUS